Your Kids’ Creations

Thanks for sending in your children’s beautiful creations! Keep ’em coming…

Remember you can email them to me directly at or post them on our Facebook page! Happy playing and eating!

Tada!!! What a beautiful fruit rainbow Yael made!

Look at the yummy veggie collage face Yael made for her brother, Yotam. When he saw it he said, "Wow! It's so beautiful!" And then gobbled it up!

Rachel, 6 shares a picture of her Chocolate Balls with us. Don't you want to just take a bite out of one right now?

Aiden, age 6 is so proud of the dominoes that he made!

Rona and Eden, ages 8 and 6 share their yummy Earth cookie with us!

Elizabeth, age 10 is loving her S'mores To Go!

Ella, age 5 enjoying her first Tuna Cone with Carrot Sprinkles

Asher, age 6 made a special fruit collage for the 4th of July!

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