“I cannot thank you enough for opening up my child’s eyes to making her want to taste new foods! Before, her diet consisted of bread, pasta and oatmeal. I used to dread making dinner. Now she actually says things like, “Oh mommy, can I try that?”

From Lisa and Ella


“For those with food allergies or sensitivities, ensuring variety in diet becomes especially important. Not only are they forced to avoid certain foods potentially causing nutritional deficiencies, they may also become prone to new sensitivities or allergies if their bodies are constantly being bombarded with the same food item(s). Fun Food For Me is all about increasing kids’ exposure to a variety of new foods that are safe for them, empowering kids’ to broaden their food horizons on their own, in a unique and fun manner.”

Dr. Cara Hillwig, MS, DC Chiropractic and Nutrition

“After we found out that Eden was lactose intolerant, she refused to try any of the new dairy-free food that I bought… That is until we discovered Fun Food For Me! Now, we play the tasting games and she loves it! It’s made the transition for her and us 100% easier. Thank you so much!”

Varda, Eden and Rona


“My daughter Dyllan tried the Tuna Cones today. The experience was awesome! It actually got her to eat tuna fish… and carrots! Before this she only ate peanut butter and jelly. She loved it so much she made me open up a new can of tuna for a second one! Can’t wait to try the other activities with her.”

Jamillah and Dyllan

“I just went through your site and I loved it! I want to try each and every activity with my kids. So creative! I know they’ll love it! Everything looked so yummy and fun! My son is the pickiest eater on the planet. I can’t wait to try out the tasting games with him. I think it’s amazing what you’re doing!”

Kristin, Karim, Mia and Matthew




I love visiting your site for suggestions to help my children try new foods. My children love your site because the activities provide so many kid-friendly ways for them to participate in the kitchen!”

Lisa, Brad, Aiden and Devon


“As a teacher, it’s extremely valuable to have a resource like Fun Food For Me to find creative, fun and safe ways to include my students with food allergies and their classmates in cooking activities. Tasty recipes and happy kids make a wonderful combination. Everybody can learn a lot and enjoy!”
Carol, Kindergarten teacher

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