Who doesn’t like to play dominoes? Well now you get to eat them too! After school you can have a healthy snack and play a game all at the same time. Best of all, kids can do this activity by themselves from start to finish. They love that!


Savory or sweet. We made ours out of rectangular-shaped crackers with vegan cream cheese, hummus and veggies. You can also try ’em for dessert with Kinnikkinnick graham crackers and jelly or frosting for the glue with candy on top. 


What you’ll need:

Allergen-free crackers (we used Schar gluten-free – they look just like dominoes.)

“Glue” – hummus, vegan or regular cream cheese, guacamole

Small, round veggies or beans to create the number patterns (peas, carrot circles, corn, edamame, beans, tiny pieces or pepper or cooked beets)

Quart-size or larger Ziploc bags for each type of “glue”

A spoon to fill the bags


1. Fill a Ziploc bag with some of the “glue,” maximum half-way full.

2. Cut a tiny hole in one of the bottom corners of the bag and twist the top closed, pushing

the filling down like you would with frosting in a piping bag.

3. Let the kids pipe little dots of filling onto the crackers, similar to the number patterns on

real dominoes.

4. Gently place a single round veggie onto each dot.

5. Play and eat!

Now here’s a special duo showing us how to make Dominoes!

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