Veggie Collages

Find a fun plate, put down some “glue” and let your little artist get creative with his/her design. Encourage your child to taste and eat while she works.

Hint: This activity works best on an empty stomach when they’re more tempted by the vibrant colors to taste new things.

Plus they’re more likely to eat anything with cream cheese attached to it! 


My friend Jackie discovered when her daughter Noa was newly diagnosed with Celiac that if she would slather sour cream all over her food, she could get her to eat anything! Whatever works, right?

What you’ll need:

All different types of raw or steamed veggies – snow peas, cherry tomatoes, baby or matchstick carrots, broccoli or cauliflower florets, baby corn, pepper slices, shredded cabbage, celery sticks, radishes, cooked and diced sweet potatoes…

“Glue” – cream cheese, sour cream, guacamole, hummus

Plates and spreaders



1. Let your child spread some “glue” onto the plates.

2. Create a collage with the different shapes by “gluing” them on.

3. Take a picture of the masterpiece and then dip and eat!

Note: For those so-called “veggie-haters” you might want to try this activity with fruit first. They’re more likely to warm up to the idea once they’ve done it already and enjoyed the results. Use anything from chocolate spread, whipped cream, marshmallow fluff or even jam as the “glue”.

C’est magnifique!      


Here Melissa demonstrates for us how she likes to make a veggie collage!

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