O’s Necklaces

“Here honey, I got you new O’s cereal! Try it, you’ll like it. It takes just like Cheerios!” How many of you have been there, done that? Your child hates her new cereal and you end up either returning it to the store or passing it on to some other innocent hopeful. The truth is that no allergy-friendly products taste exactly like their major-brand counterpart and kids usually don’t fall for it.

But if you came home from the store and said, “Look honey, I got some new O’s cereal. Let’s make necklaces out of it.” You will definitely get a yes to that one. You’ll probably get them to taste it. And they will maybe even like it! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what string I could possibly use that was hygienic enough for kids with food allergies. I couldn’t trust any old lanyard. What if it had glue on it? And forget about that shoestring licorice, it’s made out of wheat. Then it came to me – dental floss! Try using mint or cinnamon flavor for some extra fun!  

What you’ll need:

Any type of allergy-friendly snack that’s got a hole in it. (O’s cereal, pretzels, candy*)

Dental floss (isn’t that funny – the lifesavers and the dental floss together?!)


Tie a knot at one end of the dental floss around one of the larger food items. Have the kids string on the O’s all by themselves. Encourage them to get really creative with the pattern making. Make sure you have lots of extra cereal and stuff on hand because kids usually love the rule – ‘one for the necklace, one for me, one for the necklace, two for me’!

*If you’re doing this activity at a birthday party, the lifesavers are really special. Feel free to leave them out for a healthier snack activity.

Now you can watch Noa and her sister Gavi make their necklaces!

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