Fruit Rainbows

What happens when you mix a fun art project with fresh fruit? Edible rainbows of course. Even picky eaters can’t help but be tempted to eat all the colors of the rainbow. Try using exotic fruits like kiwi and papaya along with familiar ones to expand your child’s palette. Older children can help wash and cut up the fruit. Younger children will delight in all the different colors and textures. A feast for the all the senses!

This activity works great with a mix of raw and/or cooked vegetables too. Try sweet potatoes, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, corn, etc…

Eating your fruits and veggies has never been this fun!

What you’ll need:

All types of colorful fruit, cut up into bite-sized pieces (green=kiwis, yellow=bananas, red=raspberries, blue=blueberries, etc.)

Gallon size Ziploc bags

White paper, cut to fit inside the Ziploc bags

Markers or crayons (coordinating with the colors of the fruit that you’re using)


1. Have the children color a thick rainbow on a piece of paper, large enough to fit all the fruit and coordinating with the colors of the fruit you have for the project.

2. Place the picture inside a Ziploc bag, seal the bag and lay flat.

3. Have the children fill in the colors of the rainbow with the fruit according to his/her picture right on top of the bag.

4. Eat!

4. Any leftover fruit? Stick it right it in a blender with some milk of your choice and voilà! You have a delicious milkshake!

Note: For older children and really creative artists they can draw any kind of shape and create a rainbow inside: hearts, houses, circles, the number 8. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure the frame is big enough to fit the layers of fruit.

Here, Eden shows us how to make a fruit rainbow.

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